• 1935(0 years old)Teruko was born

    Was born in a complex growth environment where has 5 parents, namely 3 mothers and 2 fathers, in total.

  • 1945Tokyo air raid

    The house in Tokyo was burned. Evacuated to Yamagata and encounter theater there.

  • 1945

    GHQ women's liberation, democratization five major reforms. Women's suffrage.

  • 1946

    39 women were elected in the first post-war election. Japanese Constitution was promulgated to proclaim gender equality.

  • 1954(19 years old)Went to Tokyo

    Had the dream of going to Tokyo and doing make-up for theatres. In the daytime, worked as a sales lady for life insurance company, while enrolled in a night course in a beauty school.

  • 1955(20 years old)Joint Kose

    In order to realise the dream, applied for Kobayashi Kose (current Kose), a cosmetics company, and joint as one of six successful applicants from thousands of candidates.

  • 1962(27 years old)Get married
  • 1964(29 years old)The eldest daughter Hiromi was born

    Work while raising children was still uncommon at that time. “Do not die” was the standard for housework and child-rearing, and believe It's okay as long as you're alive. At this time, also known how to use time effectively by identify the things which you don't have to do.

  • 1966(33 years old)Campaign Look won its success

    Cookie Look.

  • 1967(34 years old)

    Coco Look.

  • 1967

    UN declared on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

  • 1969

    High school entrance rate for girls was 79.5% and surpassed boys for the first time.

  • 1975(40 years old)Produced essence and got a big hit!
  • 1978(43 years old)
  • 1980(45 years old)《The Best Making》was published
  • 1981(46 years old)"Body Makeup"

    As a makeup artist, won a great worldwide evaluation by "Body Makeup", which applies make-up to the whole body.。

  • 1983(48 years old)The Best Makeup School opened.

    Continuously raising makeup artists who are active worldwidely.

  • 1985(50 years old)First female director at Kose
  • 1985

    Japan ratifies the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

  • 1986

    Bubble economy begins.
    Equal Employment Act.

  • 1991(55 years old)Get independent and start up own business.

    Declaring independence by "I will make a fortune!" and established “Be·Fine Research Institute” under the theme of “Beauty” and “Brilliance”.

  • 1994(59 years old)From Hand Makeup Academy opened

    The predecessor was “The Best Makeup School”,which was Japan's first two-year makeup academy and had 2,000 graduates active in various fields in Japan and abroad.

  • 2005

    43 women elected in the House of Representatives

  • 2006(70 years old)
  • 2007

    Enforcement of the revised Equal Employment Opportunity Law

  • 2010(70 years old)Aoyama Beauty Academy High School opened

    A school where you can graduate from high school while studying beauty.

  • 2010年

    Enforcement of revised Child Care Act and Care Leave Act. The Childcare Leave for men was boosted.

  • 2011(76 years old)Start engraving
  • 2013(78 years old)Aoyama Beauty Academy High School in Kyoto opened. Teruko Kobayashi Beauty Scholarship Fund was established.
  • 2017(82 years old)Established Teruko Kobayashi Company

    Set up the third company.

  • 2017(82 years old)Published the first book in the life

    Do not do this, do that” (Sunmark Publishing) exceeded 61,000 copies and will be published in Korea and Vietnam.

  • 2019(84 years old)Makeup book publication for seniors

    “The beauty is the Health”(Takarajimasha)